Kids of all ages

Children (6-12 Years Old)


Lansing Martial Arts Builds Young Minds and Bodies.

Children love learning at Shinn's Taekwondo in Lansing, MI. Our kids martial arts programs are high-energy, fun and interactive.

The overarching goal of the Okemos Martial Arts school is to build our students' self-esteem, which we do by acknowledging, recognizing and rewarding not just our students' accomplishments and successes, but their efforts as well.

Learning martial arts is a physical endeavor, involving all muscle groups to help develop a student's physical fitness.  But our emphasis goes far beyond just learning physical moves and martial arts techniques.

At Lansing Martial Arts, we use martial arts as a mechanism to develop positive character and life-improvement skills in our students.

Our Martial Arts Okemos program emphasis is on the personal-development aspects of martial arts, such as increasing self confidence, improving focus and concentration, developing self discipline, and optimizing physical fitness.


Traits That Martial Arts Develops in a Child




Self Discipline

Physical fitness

Self Confidence

Positive attitude




Goal Setting


Strong work ethic

Life Lessons Developed Through Martial Arts Okemos Classes at Okemos Martial Arts end with group discussions and role-playing exercises. We touch on life lessons and discuss alternate resolutions to some of the issues children face today.  Children pay close attention as we explore topics that include:

* Avoiding conflicts

* Dealing with bullies

* Mental self defense

* Proper respect for adults

* Stranger awareness

* Respect for self and others

* Saying no to drugs and peer pressure

These valuable life lessons help our martial arts Lansing students understand the connection between what they learn in class and the real-world applications that make martial arts practical and insightful skills for school-age and beyond.